Pastor Mark Lewis

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Pastor Mark Lewis was called in May 2000 to be the Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, just one month after marrying his wife, Joanna.  At the time, there were approximately forty people attending the church.  Having only some “formal training” in the ministry, but lifelong training as a preacher’s kid, Pastor completely relied on the Lord’s leading for such a calling.  He immersed himself in the Word of God, as he still does daily.  As Pastor Mark grew, the church grew.  What an amazing thing to see and experience the hand of God at work in so many lives, and in a ministry whose sole purpose is to bring glory to Jesus Christ.

    Over the years, the number of people attending services has greatly changed, but the sweet spirit of the Pastor and the people has not.  Christ is still the focus, and this is evident in the preaching.  Pastor Mark preaches with a zeal and excitement for the things of God, a heart for the people of God, and a burden for the lost souls dying and going to hell.

    Fellowship Baptist Church has many areas to minister to each individual’s spiritual needs.  There are Sunday School Classes for all ages, elegant nursery facilities, Children’s church, Men’s Preaching Night and prayer group, soul winning, recovery class, young lady’s choir, discipleship programs, bus ministry, and many other opportunities for Christ to be glorified. 

All of these programs have been started under the leading of Pastor Mark whose love and excitement for Christ is contagious.  Pastor not only preaches and teaches what God wants, but he lives it, as found in I Timothy chapter 3.  Often when he is knocking on doors each week, people are surprised that the Pastor of the church is out witnessing to people.  This is our Pastor.

    If you spend a few minutes talking to him, you’ll quickly realize that he is a man after God’s own heart.  We love our Pastor because he loves Christ and puts Him first in all things.  We are privileged to hear preaching each week from God’s Word without being watered down, or subject to man’s own opinion.  We would love for you to come and meet the man that God has called to lead Fellowship Baptist Church in a might, yet humble way.